DOVOS best practices shared in Znojmo (Czech Republic)

The workshop held in Znojmo (Czech Republic) was a part of a larger 3-day summer event offering a large variety of educational institutions from all of the CR to share good practice, innovative approaches and technologies. The audience was recruited mostly from VET schools management and curriculum creators as well as national and regional educational officials (Ministry, regional office of educational coordination, etc.)

Dominik Fellner (project coordinator) and Petr Naske (project methodology and plugin expert) presented the online application for secondary schools and universities in which the school can register partner companies, planned practices, specific students sent for practice / training, and in particular the content of the practices themselves.

The workshop was divided into a presentation of project itself, ECVET introduction and presentation and subsequent hands-on application presentation and practical demonstration.

The presenters were quite curious to find out how the idea of ECVET and its DOVOS implementation would catch with the school representatives and their state/industry counterparts.  After the end-of-the-day discussion with the participants the main benefits of the outcomes of the workshop and of the DOVOS application from the participants point of view were identified as follows:

the supervisor can create a general description of the activities of the students in the practical training in the company
when sending a particular student to practice, the school can agree on a specific content of practice (for example, working with a specific machine, specific skills in the company that the school cannot normally offer)
after leaving the practice the student receives a document generated by the system, whereby the employer confirms that the given experience in the company has taken place

In order for the instructor in the company not read the full description of the SEP and to fully rely on the evaluation of the practice by the school, the online system offers the possibility to agree between the school and the company to a list of criteria for evaluation of the practice which the instructor confirms – the advantage of such a tool is the ability to inscribe professional skills but also soft skills (eg the students always came to the workplace on time, in all exceptional situations they apologized and communicated with the instructor properly and on time, …) the advantage of ECVET access to training / practice is that the students themselves have to read the description and criteria of the practice / training evaluation before the practice itself

All of the above mentioned firmly confirmed that

A) the ECVET principles are indeed valued and sought after by the target group and the main concern of the authorities should be a proper delivery of the programme

B) the DOVOS application is capable of addressing the current issues in the Czech VET environment

C) the app itself can be usable and useful for the schools whether they embrace the ECVET programme or not

All the participants were invited to a trial run on the app through pre-created user and login access and were offered online help and assistance should they need it. Several of the school headmasters showed great interest in the app and methodology especially those in need of ECVET implementation due to ERASMUS+ projects.

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